I’m pretty excited about the Amazon Kindle. I’d actually read more books with a device like this. However, I’d use it more for magazines and newspapers though–that stuff is just hot. Hopefully it hits the $200 price point some time next year. I’m pretty impressed with the service and the initial content offerings. I’m also positive that Amazon will grow the library immensely over the next year. If you’ve never tried an E-Ink screen, it’s something that needs to be tried in order to realize how good it is. It’s so much easier on the eyes than a backlit LCD or LED screen. Aside from the early adopter price (i.e. nerd tax), my only other complaint is its looks. This is one fugly piece of consumer electronics. The Sony e-reader looks so much better, but that device doesn’t have the content support (particularly the newspapers and magazines) that the Kindle has.

Some people are complaining that it doesn’t have WiFi. It does have a snappy EVDO connection though. It reminds me of how people were complaining that the iPhone didn’t have HSDPA. I’d rather have EVDO than WiFi if it were an either or scenario. That said, for people that live in the boonies that aren’t covered by Sprint towers, it’s a legitimate complaint.

In other news, I was playing around with Marvel’s new online service. You can read all you want for $5 a month. There’s a lot of good stuff on there now and lots more to come. Now if I could get this content on a color E-Ink screen….

One thought on “Kindling

  1. i think that they just need to broaden the device — more file formats, and add wifi and robust connectivity via USB (not sure what it does) and i’ll be very satisfied with the machine itself. as for the selection that will come in time, yes.

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