Papers Please

I got a letter from the government last week regarding Noot’s visa. It was nice to get physical evidence that the application is being processed. The gubment was supposed to send a notice of action (NOA) within the first month of receiving the app, but there were issues. It never arrived and I had to call the USCIS hotline, wait (as instructed), and call back. After several months, all I had was a case number that some guy on the phone gave to me. That should be enough, but it’s nice to have tangible proof I mostly hate paper (unless it’s used to print comic books), but these two sheets rule.

Anyway, they needed passport-sized photos of Noot and me (separately). When I first consulted with the San Francisco USCIS office, I was told that these weren’t necessary. I should be mildly annoyed that they’re asking for these after I was told I didn’t need to send them in, but I’m not really bothered. It might mean a delay of a couple of weeks, but I’m just happy that I have paperwork that tells me that the whole thing is progressing. The photos were send last Tuesday and arrived to the gubment on Thursday. Hopefully things start speeding up!

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