La Decision

The title of this post was swiped from the an old NYC subway ad. It was a recurring spot (not my dog spot, not my liver spot) that was part AIDS education and part soap opera. There were English and Spanish version of the ad. It was a good idea, but the characters were stupid.


…I have to pull the trigger soon. Do I try to wait for the job that I really want and is much more inline with my career goals? Or do I accept what I have on the table and hope that the potential of the job translates into it being interesting? Two years ago, I would have taken the risk and waited it out–easily. But this isn’t just about me anymore and I’m struggling with the decision

*sigh* A simple courtesy email would have made all of this much easier. Instead I have more time to think and doubt and question. That’s what I get for being a philosophy major.

2 thoughts on “La Decision

  1. Have you told potential job that you have a solid offer elsewhere? If they’re still sleeping on it, that’s not a good sign.

  2. I’ve strongly hinted at it, but there are a few other factors that are slowing things up. We played tag again today, so hopefully tomorrow this progresses.

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