Frustration Friday

My foot hurt yesterday. It was a sharp pain. A different pain. Not the usual pain that haunts me. The old lingering pain. This was new. The new pain. It was constant. It was debilitating. It was my new pain.

Okay, that was my little ode to Hemingway–never got into his writing. If anything, I thought it was funny. But yeah, yesterday wasn’t good. My foot was immensely sore, but not in the usual, recurring way. It feels like tendon or ligament damage. I wish I had health insurance. This would be possible if I had that job I wanted. Speaking of which…

…I’ve still been waiting to hear back about that job I really want. There were a few missed connections and days of being ignored. It sucks not knowing. Having more time to think about it just makes me question and doubt everything. I think I have a pretty good chance, but as each day goes by I feel less confident about it. So between not hearing about the job, having limited mobility, and waiting for my girlfriend to wake up so I could talk to her, I just felt…trapped and helpless and frustrated.

I often like being alone, but yesterday I felt lonely. One day at a time though, hey?

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