Technology Fails Me

I’ve been playing around with a new notebook for the last day. The hardware is pretty excellent so far. However, it has Windows Vista Ultimate. So far it’s an ultimate piece of crap of an OS. It’s bloated and stupid and unstable. My three-year old install of XP on my personal laptop is more stable and has much lower requirements. Hopefully I can tweak it to make it more solid…but I shouldn’t have to.

I’m also determined not to install Office on the new laptop. I downloaded the beta of Lotus Symphony based on a good review in PC Mag. So far it kind of sucks. The features are good, but it is unstable, sucks up more system resources than it ought to, and has random (and really frustrating) compatibility issues. The last problem really stymies me, since all my docs were created in Office 2K. The PC Mag review claims that is full compatibility up to Office 2003.

On a positive note, I’ve had infinitely better experiences with Buzzword and Google Docs. They’re pretty smooth online apps that are surprisingly powerful. However, I do want an offline solution as well and I’m disappointed Symphony didn’t work out for me.

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