Magic Beans

So I’ve been drinking this biodynamic coffee. It was on sale at Amazon and I’m a fan of organic farming, so I thought I’d give it a shot. It’s pretty delicious and I feel good about helping out small farms. However, some of the concepts behind biodynamic farming are completely ridiculous. Here are two of my favorites (according to Wikipedia):

  • Pests such as insects or field mice (Apodemus) have more complex processes associated with them, depending on what pest is to be targeted. For example field mice are to be countered by deploying ashes prepared from field mice skin when Venus is in the Scorpius constellation.
  • Weeds are combated (besides the usual mechanical methods) by collecting seeds from the weeds and burning them above a wooden flame. The ashes from the seeds are then spread on the fields, which is intended to block the influence from the full moon on the particular weed and make it infertile.

Uhhhhhh…yeah. I invited Patrick over to have some (he’s a big coffee drinker) and showed him the link to biodynamic agriculture on Wikipedia. He exclaimed, “Holy sh*t! You have magic beans!”

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