Albus Am Gay

This was an interesting announcement. Naturally, Salon went deeper and did a better job with the story. She’s made her money already, but I’m sure Warner Bros. is less than pleased with her revelation. There are plenty of conservative parents that won’t let their kids see a movie with gay character in it. Then again, he dies in the next one so maybe they’ll be all for it (*kidding*).

That aside, it was nice to hear that Harry and Ron are aurors, Ginny was a pro Quidditch player, Neville gets laid, etc.

For the record, Richard Harris was a much better Dumbledore than Michael Gambon.

In other news, the last episode of Real Time with Bill Maher was most excellent. Gary Kasparov is one of my new favorite people. Those silly “9/11 truthers” disrupted the show and looked like idiots. Personally, I think the movement is a tremendous waste of time. There are way better things to spend time on than unraveling an unlikely government conspiracy–there are people without homes, people without food, and people that can’t get their illnesses treated. Pulling off classless stunts on live television made Maher’s jokes about the truthers even more powerful. These people are ridiculous.

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