Down Cycles

Monday was a pretty crap Monday. I just needed it to rain and have my dog (if I had a dog) get hit by a car.

The job hunt took a turn for the worse. I learned that one of the pubs I was a candidate for has most of its slots filled. There’s only one left and I’ve been told that I’m still a strong candidate…but it’s still discouraging. I haven’t even been invited for an interview and there’s only one job left, ergo I feel less confident about my chances.

Another company is having a pretty rough time–losing staff, losing clients, etc. Hiring me isn’t a priority for them right now, quite understandably. I think they have a strong future and even if they don’t, a job on a sinking ship is better than no job at all.

Yet another spot I’m up for has had its budget delayed, so they can’t really talk to me yet because they don’t know if they’ll even have a job.

There’s also that one longterm-contract position. The guy is back and (supposedly) ready to talk…but we’ve been talking about this since April, so I’m not going to get my hopes up.

My initial panic got me really depressed. I just felt so despondent that I had to sleep for two hours. I applied for like 20 other jobs through various listings (cr@igslist and link*din). Hopefully one of those pans out (and soon). Just in case, I think I’m going to apply for any local retail jobs.

I just feel like I’m failing.

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