Time Time Time

“See what’s become of me,
While I looked around for my possibilities.”

That’s from “Hazy Shade of Winter”, which is a Simon & Garfunkel song that most people think is by The Bangles. (To be fair, their cover was pretty cool.)

Anyway, things on the job front are moving at a frustrating pace. There are four opportunities that I’m looking at right now. I like my chances for three of them. Unfortunately, people are going on two-week vacations, approved budgets are getting held up, directions are being reassessed, etc. I’m not really any closer to a job than I was at the beginning of the week and my head feels like it’s going to explode.

In other news, I called immigration to check on Noot’s visa. I’ve been worried that I haven’t received a case number yet, but I’ve been told that all applications received from June through August had problems getting case numbers. This, however, should not change the processing time. *sigh* Our government at work. They told me to call in two weeks and I should have further information then (yeah right). I really hope that everything goes as scheduled. She’s my light at the end of the tunnel. She helps me try for one more day.

My birthday is next week. It’ll be a downer from my excellent party last year (thanks Rannie!). I’ll try to enjoy it as best I can, but I’m just so frustrated with the job hunt and being apart from Noot that it’ll be difficult. I’m sure my mind will be wandering all over the place.

I really miss Zoe. It’s been strange being “apart” as she starts an amazing chapter in her life. In some ways it has been good for my personal development. I use to lean on her–too much–as a source of strength. When I found out about Violet, I was scared on how I’d get by without her. After some time, I was surprised that I have some resolve of my own. It has been a struggle, for sure, and it’s not as easy as when she was my sidekick (yes, you were my sidekick :P). With her, it was like taking a potion of instant confidence. Without her…I suppose it doesn’t seem as much, but it’s more mine. All that aside, I miss her so much.

So yes, this is my first real update in a long time. Not too much has changed. I still don’t have a job. My girlfriend is still very far away. And I often feel like jumping off a bridge. But, I will keep trying for one day more. Heyyyyy, that reminds me.

“One day more, another day, another destiny.”

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