Deaths in HP7

So I’ve finished HP7 and reread several chapters more than a few times. While I really enjoyed the book, I was disappointed in some of the deaths. Let’s discuss (*spoiler alert*).

Dobby — This was the only death that felt sad to me. Unlike most of my friends, I liked Dobby. His gratitude towards Harry combined with the lengthy grave digging scene really made this the only death with an impact for me.

Moody — I thought Moody was a pretty cool character too. His death was pretty sudden and there wasn’t a lot to it. I can understand this since he was only part of the books from HP4 on.

Tonks & Lupin — Their deaths were totally sudden, which sucked because they were two excellent characters. It was just so abbreviated. Lupin should have been give more time, with his newborn child, his relationship with James Potter, his tutelage of Harry, etc.

Fred — This was the most disappointing of all. The twins rule and were a big part of all seven books. One moment Fred was battling death eaters, the next he was dead, and that was pretty much it. While it helped set up Mrs. Weasley laying the smack down on Bellatrix, it also just felt sudden. I know it was the end of the book and all, but I would have liked to have read more of a reaction from George.

Anyway, I just felt the deaths were mostly rushed. I like Dobby and all, but his death shouldn’t have felt the gravest.

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