New E3 Binary Blog!!!

After missing my first E3 ever last year (the only one I’ve ever missed, mind you), I returned to the all-new, all-different E3. It was a good show. I caught up with lots of people, I had a lot of fun working, and I made a small bit of change. It’s time for a binary list!

good: I really enjoyed working with the Comcast crew. The bossman is an old friend from my Happy Puppy days. The shooters/editors were young people that were really fun to work with. Since I have more production experience than the other “talent” guy, I was given the less experienced shooter. It was fun setting up shots with him and sneaking in jokes during the interview to try to make him laugh.

bad: The setup of the new E3 was mostly good, but the hotels were too far apart and the Barker Hangar was pretty useless. I heard the shuttles were okay, but since we were schlepping around heavy gear, we weren’t able to make use of them.

good: Unlike previous E3s, I heard everyone clearly and didn’t have to yell so people could hear me. While I missed the spectacle of people camping out to watch the Metal Gear trailer and the obnoxious volume of EA’s booth, my ears and throat were in much better shape this show.

good: Video is so much better than writing for E3. This was my second show working on video and it’s so nice not to have to run back to a silly “war room” and write until you drop.

bad: Because of its size and setup, I wasn’t able to see lots of people that I normally see only at E3. That’s a bummer.

good: Justin and Kate were excellent for letting me crash with them. I really, really, really appreciate the help.

good: This was the first time I was working on video that I wasn’t producing. In some ways, I wanted more control and wanted to see the edits through. The excellent thing was when PR people would ask me for more coverage on some of their lesser games. It was pretty cool to be able to say that it wasn’t up to me because “I’m just talent.” Ha! Responsibility averted!

bad: When I first arrived at the Fairmont to register, the tools wouldn’t let me check in my luggage for a few hours. This was irritating.

good: Thankfully, I ran into Andy Mc and N’Gai. I just had a few beers with them (thanks Andy!) and checked in my luggage later.

bad: The show was pretty subdued and there weren’t any giant announcements. In some ways, it’s a sign of the business becoming more mature and ergo more conservative. That said, there weren’t as many interesting tidbits to talk about over beers.

good: I got to spend lots of time with Melissa. She’s awesome and I hope things improve of her.

good: We bumped into Seamus when we were getting dinner. I just waved because he was with a client. He yelled at me to get my ass over there and give him a hug. That was great!

good: The SoCal weather was lovely. I miss it for sure.

bad: This was my first E3 without BB in a long time. That was actually much weirder for me than the smaller E3. It was like an appendage of three were missing.

good: No stupid alcohol related incidents at this year’s show! I’m growing up!!! (Not really.)

bad: There’s a feeling you get when you see people that don’t give you jobs or don’t invite you to their parties. It’s more than annoyance and less than hate.

good: It was nice to see Cliff for a bit. Jeff was at that party too. Two good friends that have drifted out of my life for different reasons. Dang, have I really known Jeff for 15 years?!?

good: It was nice to catch up with Joseph. He’s an excellent guy.

good: There was far more good about the show than bad. That’s awesome.

2 thoughts on “New E3 Binary Blog!!!

  1. I’m so glad you stayed with us because it gave us a chance to visit. I haven’t really got to visit with you in a really LONG time.

    It was good to hang out and just spend time with you.

  2. I really miss the HP days. I guess in a way it was good that it didn’t last too long, otherwise we would have gotten bitter about it. It shall forever remain my dream job šŸ™‚

    Hope things keep getting better for you! Not much to report here, I’m just truckin’ along šŸ˜›

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