Go Starbury!!!

Outside of the Pistons’ championship runs, I haven’t really enjoyed basketball since the ’90s. I just can’t stand today’s players (though Durant and Oden might change this for me). I was shocked to discover Stephon Marbury’s line of shoes. He thinks it’s ridiculous for kids — especially poor ones that look up to basketball players — to spend over $100 on shoes (that are made in sweat shops all over Asia for giant corporations). He has a line of shoes and clothing that won’t break the bank. Every item is $14.98 or less. I always thought he was kind of a dick, but I’ve gained a ton of respect for him. Some of his shoes are pretty cool too! I shall have to support his venture.

2 thoughts on “Go Starbury!!!

  1. That’s really cool. I read something recently about how he’s planning on moving to Italy and playing over there, after he and his wife went on vacation and loved it. He doesn’t want to play anywhere but the Knicks in the U.S., but doesn’t think they’ll want to resign him because he’s older and has injuries.

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