Rebirth of Slick

I love that Digable Planets album.

I still need to write about the “new” E3. It was fun and easy for me, with lots of interesting little stories.

I still need to write about The Order of the Phoenix. It was fun.

For now, I’ll write about my latest slick dealing….

Thanks to this excellent site, I found a deal on Amazon. I bought 15 cans of Healthy Choice clam chowder and 48 Snack Packs for $25. That totally rules. That’s even awesomer than the $3 mystery bag of pastries I bought at Farley’s yesterday (which turned out to be two almond croissants, two blueberry bran muffins, one piece of carrot cake, one ham and cheese croissant, and one walnut something muffin).

2 thoughts on “Rebirth of Slick

  1. I don’t know whether this post made you seem older than usual, or poorer.

    I’ve also always loved Reachin’: A New Refutation of Time & Space from Digable Planets, too. Their second album wasn’t as good, maybe because they ditched one of their two gimmicks (space insects, not jazz/rap fusion, though they watered that down, too). I always wanted Mecca the Ladybug’s solo album, but never got it. She may be my favorite female rapper not named Missy.

  2. That’s the only album of theirs I liked. I actually went to their concert in college. It was me and two Indian guys that were also pretty short. We were surrounded by tall black guys and couldn’t see much of anything. It sounded good though.

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