So I’m off to E3 tomorrow. This is the first “new” E3, which is much smaller than previous ones. Last year was the only one I missed and this will be my first one without BB since…2001?

Anyway, a lot of journalists are whining and complaining about the show. This is just frickin’ retarded. Yes, the work can be hard, but there are so many gamers out there that would kill to attend the show. Even though I’ve been to all the shows except for 2006, I still appreciate being able to attend. Especially this year, as it’s invite only.

I’d like to give all the journos whining about it a big slice of STFU pie. So what if it’s the toughest week of the year?!? It’s still a helluva lot better than what most people have to do for a living. Seriously, get over yourselves. You get to go to a crazy conference full of videogames and parties. Yes, you have to work hard, but you also have the chance to play hard if you’re not socially inept (which, to be fair, is a significant percentage of gaming journos). You get to see tons of games that most people won’t get to see for months. It’s pretty pathetic how many people are complaining about the whole thing.

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