I had a neat gig on Monday. I was producing four segments for this AT&T site. The day itself was exhausting. I woke up at 2AM to write a review. I called my girlfriend. I left the house a little after 6AM to catch the bus to the ferry station. I took the ferry across the bay (a lovely, but expensive ride). I worked most of the day and didn’t get back until after 6PM.

The work was so much fun. I really miss setting up interesting shots, helping people feel comfortable on camera, coaxing fun-sounding answers out of shy people, etc. It was brilliant to be working with a real crew (an excellent cameraman and an excellent sound tech) again! Some of the comments from the publisher were pretty funny. I got a, “Wow, you know a lot about games for a TV guy,” and a, “Your interview questions were really good. They really helped our guys sounds smart.” I bit my tongue when I heard these.

The talent for the shoot was a really sweet and really beautiful lady. She was a bit stiff and overly professional though, which was quite different from the goofball (but beautiful!) women I’ve worked with in the past. Unlike most gaming offices, this place had tons of windows, which made lighting a bit challenging. The ceilings were exposed wood and there was central air conditioning, which made audio less than ideal. All that said, I think the footage was pretty good and I hope it was what AT&T was looking for.

It looks like I’ll be trading my producer hat for my talent hat next week. I’ll write a bit more on that after I confirm some things today. For now, look at this excellent shirt for travel.

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