The Oscar Goes To….

Well, hopefully Oscar goes into retirement — Oscar De La Hoya that is. A bunch of us watched the De La Hoya / Mayweather fight on Saturday. It was a close, tactical fight that Mayweather clearly won. I imagine the girls were rather bored. Mayweather’s style is too subtle (lots of brilliant feints, shoulder rolls, counters, etc.) and lacks brutality (he maybe stunned Oscar once in the fight). He’s probably the best boxer alive today, but he’s hardly exciting.

Oscar has had a great career, but he’s pretty much done. He has another kid on the way and Golden Boy Promotions to take care of. It’s funny reading boxing message boards. There are a few good posters, but the majority of them are stupid and incredibly biased. A large number of them are such Oscar fanboys that they’re sure he won the fight. I’m a big Oscar fan, but there’s absolutely no way he did enough to win. The split decision for Mayweather was dubious — he was the clear-cut victor.

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