Spider Sense…Tingling

I caught an early showing of Spider-Man 3 today. It was pretty fun. Here are some random thoughts on it. Some of them are spoilers, so I’ll continue after the break.

–  They shouldn’t have went with three villains. It made the various plot lines a bit sloppy. The overall story lacked cohesion and the character development was way rushed.

– I was a bit disappointed in Sandman’s CG. I read a lot about it and was ready to be dazzled. It was pretty cool, but it didn’t blow me away. There was this one lame sequence where they zoom into his body to show his molecules fusing with the sand–that was pretty retarded.

–  The CG for Venom was wicked. Maybe I enjoyed it more because I didn’t have any expectations at all. Then again it might be that I just liked the character more because it was closer to the comics. Sandman was too nice in the movie and I kept thinking about Sideways while I watched him. The only thing off with Venom was Topher Grace’s looks–he’s just too pretty to play Eddie Brock.

– Harry Osborne’s butler facilitating his face turn was just stupid and way too convenient.

– I enjoyed evil Peter Parker a lot. It really hit me since I’m pretty frustrated with work stuff and often want to hit things.  His two dance sequences were pretty funny too.

– Ron Howard’s kid is way hotter than she ought to be and the makeup/costume artists did a brilliant job of turning her into Gwen Stacy. I’m disappointed they changed Gwen’s purpose in the story. It’s not like they had a choice though because of the way they progressed the previous movies, but her dying at the hands of Norman Osbourne is a huge moment in Spider-Man lore.

– Random: I bumped into Aletheia after the movie. That was a nice surprise.

– In general, I’m really satisfied with the movie. It’s better than the last one, but probably not as good as the first. It succeeds as a summer blockbuster. I’m sure the numbers will be ridiculous.

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