Retail Therapy

I was doing my daily tech reading when I stumbled upon an Andy Grove interview. He’s an Intel founder, so I usually stop and read when his name pops up. He was talking about “retail clinics” and how they’re going to disrupt traditional health care. As someone that doesn’t have health insurance at the moment, I was pretty fascinated by the subject. It turns out that there’s a clinic less than two miles away from me that just opened in 2007. It’s supposed to be pretty good and the company behind it is pretty sharp.

I should probably go for a check up. I’ve felt off the last five days or so. Hearing about my dad’s health just added to the stress about finding a new job and getting my Mahal a visa (and being apart from her). I feel like my blood pressure is high or something and I’ve been having these panic attacks (they kind of wig me out because I’ve only had two or three of them before). Ah…the bumps we have in life.

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