Did I Miss Something?

When the hell did purple become the official colour of Mother’s Day? More importantly, what does Prince think about all this?

Seriously though, I’ve never ever heard about this until today. Motorola is releasing a special Mother’s Day RAZR that’s all purpled out and united.com is purplefied for the holiday. Is this a recent marketing scam or have I just been ignorant about the purplefication of Mother’s Day?

2 thoughts on “Did I Miss Something?

  1. I have never heard of this and I find it bizarre. I think it’s just a new marketing scheme. Last year’s pink razr won’t do — if you really love your mom, you’ll get her an official purple mother’s day razr.

    It’s like Sweetest Day. As if Valentine’s Day wasn’t bad enough, we now have a cheap knock-off in October.

  2. Maybe it’s a more recent thing. Ted knew about it for a long time…but maybe the marketers got him young (he’s a few years younger than you).

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