Been a Month

So I’m at Farley’s, having a morning coffee. It’s quite lovely today–another perfectly Potrero day. The week, however, has been a bit wacky. Emotionally, I’ve been all over the place. Perhaps it’s that time of the month for me.

– It has been a month since I left my Mahal. It’s hard. We talk twice a day most of the time, but it’s a poor substitute for being with her. There are thousands of little things I miss about her and I wish so badly that we could just be together. It’s frustrating that her visa situation is what it is. It’ll take a lot of time and a lot of money for us to be together on a long-term basis. However, that’s what I signed up for and I’m going to try real hard to make it happen.

– I had an impromptu interview on Tuesday. The job is pretty cool and I’d be a brilliant fit for what they’re looking for–producing video, blogging on WordPress, and co-producing with a company that I have several friends at. The only hitch is that I’d have to move back to New York. A year ago this would have been a major downer, but my priorities are different now. I’m more than willing to move back to the extremes of NYC if it enables me to start a family.

– Yesterday was kind of a wreck. I just felt really sad. I didn’t have any freelance to do. There weren’t any blog updates coming to me (for my paying blogs). And I missed my Mahal more than usual. I just felt awful and depressed, but I knew it was something that I’d just have to push through. I’m better today even though I have all the same problems I did yesterday. I suppose I just needed time. Know what would make me feel better though? If you went to this wrestling blog and clicked on the ads!

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