Crazy Week

Wow. So, in the last week I’ve:

– Started two new blogs. Both are for fun, but hopefully they can grow into something profitable. This is the wrestling one Justin and I are working on. This is the one for my hotel-owner friend in Thailand. Check ’em out and click on those ads!!!

– Had a few people interested about talking jobs with me. This is exciting since I really need a job. However, Glenda is putting a hitch in my plans.

– Yes, my daughter took me to the Yankee game. We lost, but she put this idea in my head.

– You see, Dane mentioned to me a few weeks ago that I should really start my own video site. Glenda thinks so too and put some really great ideas in my head. It’s something that would be really fun and should be easy to make money with in a few months. It would be awesome and fun and a little bit scary. I also think it could be really good. My daughter is so smart. Unfortunately, I’d have to put a ton into it if I’m going to do it right. Maybe I’ll ask my Dad for help in applying for a small business loan.

– I’ve missed my girlfriend enormously. It’s Songkran and her birthday is in a few days. I wish so badly to be with her. It’s hard. I get that tear thing a lot. On the bright side, if I started my own thing and it went well then she could just travel with me everywhere (when she gets into the country) and be my grip / gaffer / happy maker. I think it would be excellent. She thinks she’d yap-yap me to death. Ha!

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