My Dreamier Machine

This VentureOne vehicle is awesome. I totally want the full-electric model. Not only is it much better for the environment, but it also looks like a lightcycle from Tron. It even has a Knight Rider-ish stearing wheel! It’s interesting that it’s classified as a motorcycle. Does that mean that you have to wear a helmet when you drive it, even though it’s an enclosed vehicle? Anyway, this would totally make me want to get a drivers license. It’s just frickin’ awesome.

3 thoughts on “My Dreamier Machine

  1. That is pretty damn awesome. After seeing the video of the Carve and its insane tilting, I want one, too. I’d have some safety concerns in LA, though — and you couldn’t do that insane traffic-weaving most motorcycles could do.

    The person in back sure has a big smile on their face for someone who quite obviously doesn’t have a lower-half of their body. Maybe you could put a gallon of milk and a box of cereal in that back seat instead of a half-girl.

  2. Well, highway safety would be my primary concern…and you don’t really move faster than 40mph on the 405, so no big deal for LA, right? Ha! If I did get one, I’d go for the full-electric model and only use it for local driving.

    The person in the back is just a total tool. I have no idea what the hell he’s so happy about. His picture is one of the reasons I wouldn’t want a VentureOne, but the positives outweigh any stupid marketing decisions.

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