Elite Xtremists

Showtime’s Elite Xtreme Combat was pretty interesting. The production values were very good for a first effort; in many ways they were better than what Showtime has in its boxing shows. Most of the fights were good, though the main event ending in a DQ really hurt the promotion. The one thing that bugged me was the commentary. Mauro Ranallo was surprisingly bad. He’s been commentating for Pride for years, but he made some rookie mistakes. It was laughable when Frank Shamrock was being deducted a point and Ranallo wondered why the referee was raising his hand as if he were the victor. Moron.

Getting involved with EXC was a pretty smart move on Gary Shaw’s part. Even though they are very different sports, the promoters behind boxing and MMA have a pretty fierce rivalry. Shaw is the first major boxing promoter to get involved with a big MMA show. He’ll make EXC competitive with UFC in a few years if he keeps this up. It’ll be good for the sport. Hopefully boxing can learn something from this. Otherwise MMA will continue to rise in popularity while boxing continues to slide.

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