Of Course Of Course

Last week, the nerds in the office were talking about Barbaro. It just made me more irritated with the whole situation. It’s one thing to mourn a human athlete that influenced your life. It’s another to feel sad about a pet that you helped raised. The millions of people that shed tears for Barbaro should be smacked (save for the owners, trainers, jockey, etc.). It’s a frickin’ horse. Thankfully, The Onion is here so save the day! Here’s my favorite line from the article:

“Although many feared this day was inevitable following Barbaro’s injury at the 2006 Preakness, the news of his death nonetheless stunned and saddened the millions of citizens who, over the past eight months, had come to identify with this 1,200-pound racehorse.”

3 thoughts on “Of Course Of Course

  1. If you think the Onion article is funny, you should see the pop-culture humor geyser they’ve unleashed at Deadspin. If you browse back far enough, you’ll encounter mock tributes, mock status reports, and even real posts on the official Barbaro message boards.

    And don’t forget the nearly daily references. Funny stuff.

  2. OK, one more. I literally couldn’t breathe for a second because I was laughing so hard.

    You’ll want to read this post then the comments, particularly the 7th (Tattooed Mess(iah)) and 8th (Pam Ward’s strap-on).

    And thus, the legend of the Deadspin commenters lives on…

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