Well That’s Still There

Today I took a break from videogame people. A bunch them are off doing touristy things–Death Valley, Star Trek, etc. In general, that’s what they’re more into. That’s fine and all, but I’ve been here so many times that it’s mostly boring for me and I see it as a real waste of money. Plus there’s this one amazingly annoying girl that I really don’t want to see (pretty much ever again in my life).

When I travel, I like eating at and hanging out in places the locals go to. Kenny, my NY friend, was game for a little side trip to Ellis Island. The $5 steak special is still alive and well. More importantly, it’s every bit as delicious as I remembered. Last night, Kohler, Kit, and I had the prime rib special at Barbary Coast ($13.95). It was good, but still not nearly the value because of the casino’s location on the strip. It’s a shame they weren’t more patient. That $5 steak is worth waiting for.

Tonight I might try to drag Kenny downtown for a more real Vegas experience (well, as real as this place gets anyway). I’m really curious to see what Binion’s is like these days (haven’t been there since Harrah’s bought it). I meant to call Brian’s sister to see if she wanted to do something more off the strip. The locals’ casinos are way more fun for me. Plus it’s the weekend, so all those idiots from LA are here. Perhaps an evening at Suncoast or ACE is in order.

2 thoughts on “Well That’s Still There

  1. I wonder if I know which annoying girl you’re talking about. Email me or something and we’ll see, though I bet I already know who.

    You know, had I ended up taking the Vegas trip, I would’ve been down for all those spots you mention. The Ellis Island steak does indeed rock the casbah.

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