Down on the Farm

Her stories are really cute and endearing. Here are two of my favorites from the last two days.

– She was telling me about one of her family’s two cows. This cow was bought when she was still a young girl and she helped raise it. Her parents told her that they would kill it for meat when she got married. Now she says she wants them to buy a new cow to eat, since she likes that one very much. They’ll probably go that route anyway since they expected her to be married years ago. On an interesting note, I’ve learned that they keep cows over there for 15 to 20 years. In America, cows are usually slaughtered after five years.

– Yesterday she found a baby bird that fell from its nest. Its mother was in a nearby coconut tree, but wouldn’t or couldn’t retrieve its baby. She worried so much about that baby. She tried calling to its mom. After several hours she tried to feed it rice. I told her that mommy birds eat food first and spit it up for their babies to eat (at least I think that’s how it works). So she chewed up some rice and spit it out for the baby bird to eat. This made me want to hold her for a good five hours. Hopefully that can happen soon.

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