More Reasons I Don’t Want an iPhone

– Apparently Apple isn’t allowing third-party applications for the iPhone, only Widgets. That’s a pretty big distinction. One of the things that would have made the product more interesting to me was the potential to run Skype on it and place calls through WiFi. Oh well.

– I ‘m hating Cingular more with each passing day. Here’s a lovely quote from Cingular president Glenn Lurie taken from PC Mag: “While ‘there are bad guys out there that unlock phones,’ Lurie said, Apple and Cingular are taking unspecified steps to make the phone more difficult to unlock and use on other GSM carriers in the US.” In the US, it’s perfectly legal for a consumer to unlock his or her phone. It’s also legal for carriers and hardware manufacturers to make this extremely difficult. Lurie’s an @sshole for calling consumers “bad guys” for wanting to something that’s absolutely their right.

– Here’s another gem from Lurie, also taken from PC Mag. “If you want an iPhone, you are going to get the luxury of being on the Cingular network.” You’ll also have the luxury of crawling at speeds slightly faster than dial-up on its EDGE network. More importantly, I resent that he’s saying that using Cingular is the customer’s luxury. FU Lurie!!! You should think more highly of your customers.

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