iPhone…No Thanks

Everyone I spoke to today was having an orgasm about Apple’s iPhone announcement at MacWorld. It’s definitely a cool looking device and Apple is sure to sell millions of them, but there are some major problems that will keep me from buying it. I can’t believe that some people are willing to overlook that:

Major Problems

– There’s no HSDPA. Yeah, I know Cingular’s EDGE is deployed in far more areas, but it’s just too slow. Not having HSDPA totally kills the iPhone for me as an Internet appliance.

– Cingular’s track record with data sucks. The company is really tight with data use and limits what its customers can do with its products.

– Not only will the iPhone cost $600 with a two-year contract, but to get a reasonable plan with data and SMS packages, you’ll be paying at least $100 a month after taxes.

Minor Problems

– The battery is not user replaceable. When iPod batteries bork, you can send it back to Apple for a replacement. That’s going to suck for a phone that you use every day. On second thought, maybe this isn’t so minor….

– No over-the-air iTunes downloads. This was one of the dumbest things about the Zune and it’s even dumber for a phone with EDGE and WiFi.

Bottom Line

There’s no way I’m going to buy an expensive phone that uses an outmoded network by a company that overcharges for services that it caps. At best, I’ll wait for a European (Q4 2007) or Asian (2008) version that comes unlocked. More likely, I’ll wait for v2.0 of the iPhone.

2 thoughts on “iPhone…No Thanks

  1. And here is your answer to the first question, fair lady.

    The battery life is “up to” five hours for talk/video and “up to” 16 hours for music. Most reporters see this as Apple being a bit generous. Apple has been vague about additional power drain from EDGE and WiFi use. Between its communicatoins functions, the big screen, and the power needed to run the OS, I don’t see how the battery can lost long with extensive use.

    The second question is really interesting. People that use their iPods a lot have noticed a significant reduction in battery life after one year and a huge one after two. Hopefully Apple uses a drastically different battery scheme for the iPhone. People are going to be using this multifunction device way more than a standalone iPod. If the lifespan of iPhone batteries is similar to that of an iPod’s…well, that’s another major flaw.

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