Binary Blog (2006 in Review Edition)!

What a crazy year 2006 was. There were so, so, so many ups and downs. I usually do a month-by-month account of the year, but a binary blog makes more sense for 2006. Here it goes!

Good: I found love. It was quite unexpected and came from a direction I wasn’t expecting. I guess the “friends first” thing really does have its merits. It’s been really wonderful. It’s taken a lot of work and will require more, but I truly think it can work out.

Bad: My Yahoo! show was cancelled. This was easily the most rewarding professional experience of my life and it totally suck that Y! management was so inept about monetizing it. Seriously, they have some fantastic people there (I adore the crew at Y! Studios), but the management was pretty weak.

Good: I had lots of time to adventure around the world, learn about a different culture, and think about what I want at this stage of the game.

Good: A really excellent man gave me an opportunity to make good money and live abroad.

Bad: The opportunity didn’t work out because of bad management and I had to take the fall for the project. It put me in a bad place financially and really set back my goals. This was easily the worst experience of my professional career and I hope that something bad happens to the people involved. If Jill from publisher got hit by a car, I’d have to seriously think about clapping. I actually almost sent her a lump of coal for Christmas. Anthrax would have been more appropriate.

Good: My b.b started a whole new stage of life and I’m so amazingly thrilled for her. It’s going to be such a rewarding adventure for someone I love so much.

Bad: This is totally selfish, but her brand new adventure means that I won’t be seeing much of her anymore. It’s been quite an adjustment getting used to not having her as my emotional crutch, but I’ve been learning how to get by on my own better.

Good: I made some really cool friends around the world. There are a few that I know I’ll be in touch with for a very long time.

Bad: My heart is usually halfway across the world. It’s weird not being able to fully live life when so many people, places, and things that are dear to me are so far away.

Good: My priorities are getting a little more adult. I care a bit less about working on something new and exciting. I care more about finding a way to make money and finding a job with good health insurance (maybe for a wife and kid!).

Good: I keep in touch with less people. I’ve weeded out a lot of stragglers and a bunch of people that are paid to be friendly to me. There are some people I should stay in touch with more, to be sure, but I mostly talk and spend time with people that I really care about.

Bad: Although it’s saving me money and it stops me wasting emotional effort on stupid people, I don’t get out much. I mostly stay at home, go to Farley’s, and go to the grocery. Anything other than that is usually for work. As a result, I’m pretty lonely most of the time. The best times of the day are the two times Noot calls. That’s usually enough to keep me happy, but there are times when it’s difficult.

Good: Noot’s given me a better perspective on life. I don’t get too down about things anymore. Any struggles I have seem silly when I think about the years she’s spent sewing in sweatshops.

Good: I’m super thrilled for my brother, who’s finally leaving the house after 27+ years. He’s moving to Hawaii and it’s going to be so excellent for him personally and professionally. His moving situations has also brought the family closer again. I guess my situation has too. I’m struggling, he’s starting something new, and we’re both reminded how important family is during tough times and transitional times. Reggie has always been there more stable one and I’ve always been the more adventurous one. Our parents have always supported our dreams and wishes in fantastic ways.

Bad: Time has also been a binary thing for me in 2006. At times it moved way too slowly (waiting to see my girlfriend, waiting to hear about new work, etc.). At times it sped by in a flash (when I got to see my girlfriend, staying with my family, seeing b.b.).

Good: I’m totally comfortable in California after six years. I don’t consider myself a New Yorker anymore. I can’t handle the pace and I don’t miss nearly as much as I did when I first moved here.

Bad: Of course that means I might have to leave soon. If my family plans work out then it would be smarter for me (and maybe my wife!) to join my brother in Hawaii when my parents move there in 2008.

Bad: I haven’t won the lottery yet. That would solve all my problems really. It’s kind of annoying how important money has become to me. I never used to care about that stuff so long as I had food and shelter. Now that I have goals that require more of it, my work life isn’t the greatest. (Again, a big F-U to Jill from Prima!!!)

Good: Despite my trials, it’s been a good year of positive change. I’m growing up a little (though I’m still a child at heart) and I’ve something I want out of life that isn’t all about me. A lot of the changes I’ve gone through have been by choice, while others were our of necessity. Everything I’ve gone though, good and bad, I’ve learned from… a lot. I supposed the wisdom I’ve gained in 2006 is the best of it all.

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