Quality of Service

So I went to the Apple Store today to get my iPod fixed. The whole process is really efficient if you book ahead online. I made my appointment to the “Genius Bar” (such a stupid name) on the Apple site and showed up 20 minutes early to the store. My first name and last initial were already flashing on the LCD display behind the “Genius Bar” (*snicker*) and I only had to wait ten minutes for a ST. If I didn’t make an appointment, the next available slot was more than 90 minutes away. The ST was totally cool about taking care of my out-of-warranty iPod. He fixed it up, but said there’s not a whole lot I can do if it keeps happening, save from returning to a store whenever it fails. This was probably the best customer service experience, from start to finish, that I’ve had in a long time.

Hopefully my iPod survives another year. I seriously can’t imagine travelling without it. I also hope Flash ROM size-to-price ratio quadruples in the next year too. Even though the read/write lifespans of Flash ROM are shorter than that of hard drives, it’s much better suited for a piece of consumer electronics that you travel. Until my 60GB iPod dies, I shall dream of a 32GB Nano in all its Flash-tacular glory.

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