Binary Blog (Return to New York Edition)!

Good: It’s nice seeing my parents and my brother. Especially my bro, since he’s moving to Hawaii on January 6.

Bad: I updated the firmware on my iPod and it’s pretty much bricked now. It just keeps booting and rebooting. I’m pretty sure something happened to the hard drive. I’m going to try to bring it to the Apple Store tomorrow, but it’s out of warranty by two months.

Good: New York pizza!

Good: My parents’ cable modem has ridiculously high bandwidth. I’m averaging 13MB downstream and 1.8MB downstream. That’s some serious bandwidth. My Y! Messenger calls to Noot have been perfect.

Good: Saw Rocky Balboa with my brother. We always go to movies when I visit. This one started well and ended well. The middle was a bit silly and melodramatic, but I enjoyed how they painted the “has been” Rocky in the beginning and I really enjoyed at how realistic the boxing production was. They used real announcers, chyrons, promoters, and all. The actual boxing was ridiculous, but it really seamed like an HBO PPV.

Good: It’s not nearly as cold as it should be here. I was really fearing the chill.

Bad: It’s probably due to global warming.

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