A PR person emailed me a blog entry this kid wrote during Digital Life 2005. You can see me there twelve pictures down, in the middle of a Reset shoot. Now, I’m just fixing my hair for the camera, but I look a little diva-ish. The kid’s caption adds to the diva-osity of the whole thing. He says, “His camera crew seemed like they were making every effort to ensure that he didn’t get photographed by other people.” I feel pretty bad about that. I always loved talking to peeps that recognized me from Reset, GameSpy, G4, etc. I wish the writer chatted with me after the shoot and snapped all the pics he wanted to. Brian and Ruby were the ones I was working with during Digital Life, and I know they wouldn’t want to make anyone feel like they couldn’t take pictures. What a shame…though it’s a bigger shame that I have this diva-ish photo on some guy’s blog. Ha!

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