From the Past

So last night I got a random AIM from my old friend Gleen (his name is actually Glenn, but someone mistyped it on a namebadge once). He’s an excellent person that I’ve known for a really long time. Sadly, we’ve both done a horrible job at staying in touch, which is doubly sad since we both live in San Francisco. I don’t think I’ve seen Gleen since 1997. We’re going to fix that this weekend and catch up over some coffee. It will be excellent seeing him. He’s always been the Wang Chi to my Jack Burton. (Can you believe that fine movie was released twenty years ago?!?)

It was funny catching up with him on AIM–just seeing how little I’ve changed in some ways and how much I’ve changed in others. Going over my ridiculous…situations that he’s seen (married women, Swedish women, Thai women, etc.). He also brought up some of my old catchphrases, one of which was totally shot down by Sharon once. I used to say, “I know this like I know water is wet.” I used to say it a lot and with total confidence. One day Sharon asked, “Well what if it’s ice?” One question shattered my entire belief system. Sharon…I haven’t thought about her in a long time….

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