Let’s Unite

Anyone out there a frequent United Airlines flyer that didn’t make Premiere for 2007? I can set you up as a Premiere Associate if you’d like. It’ll give you a bunch of cool benefits, but it’s only worth it if you fly United pretty often. Initially I was thinking Violent J could use this, but I’m not sure how much he travels these days. Then I thought it could be good for Ted, but he flies Southwest fairly often and should be punished for doing so. Maybe Ben? Anyway, speak up peeps!

On a related note, there are all kinds of great items available through United Mileage Plus Merchandise Rewards program. Since I get a 50% bonus any time I take United, I’ve racked up a ton of miles. I’ve used a lot for upgrades and to help out friends (helping not bartering!), but I kind of wished I saved more miles. I had no idea this store existed. Right now I can get a pretty expensive piece of luggage or a great digital camera or a fancy watch for free. Too bad I don’t need or want any of those things. I would like to use the store though, so I met trade in some miles to get a diamond pendant for the lady. Is that too cheesy?

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