My friend Andy pointed me to this site. It’s quite useful and a little insane. They have comments on every seat on every configuration of most commercial flights. So if you know the type of aircraft you’ll be flying in (this can usually be found on your itinerary) then you can find the best seats on the plane. It’s pretty crazy. I used it to select my seats on my flight home for Xmas. I’ll be rockin’ in business class with way more leg room than I need.

He’s trying to get me into this other site/message board. I was reading this heated thread on whether United’s upper-deck business-class seats are better than first class. It’s a little crazy how much these people are into it, but I suppose if you fly a lot then you want the most value and comfort. I’m just happy that I can upgrade for free on United.

2 thoughts on “Seatsanity

  1. Wow, that’s a really cool site.

    My Airbus 321A seats for the holidays are both white/normal. I had a few red ones in the past, though.

  2. If you’re on United, you can change your seats on to get a greenie.

    It is a pretty cool site, hey? I changed my seats for the Midway event using it.

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