That’s from Good Will Hunting, btw.

So in my boredom of being home, I’ve decided to play around with Sprint’s retention department. I’ve been a Sprint customer for almost ten years (I think) and have never bugged them about discounts or rebates (mostly because I’ve gotten my last few phones for free at E3). After getting spoiled by my GSM RAZR that I used in Thailand (which isn’t that good, but much more modern than my Sanyo VM4500), I’ve been wanting a better phone for the US. I’ve read a bunch of threads on a Sprint forum about customers getting discounts through Sprint retention. My goal is to get a new phone for free and nice discount on my service plan. Initially I was eyeing the Motorola KRZR K1M so that I could use the sync software and ringtones I already have, but then this baby caught my eye. I like the features better and K1M’s UI is currently sluggish as hell (not sure how frequent or effective over-the-air updates will be).

So far retention has offered me $250 (which started off as the normal $150 discount) off any phone and 15% off any service plan. If I went with the Samsung that would run me $79.99 for the new phone. I still want it for free. I’m going to see if I can chip away a bit more at them. If I go with another provider, I can get a new phone at Amazon for free or even have money refunded to me, but the 15% discount on a service plan was an unexpected surprise offer that’s better in the long run. I’m not sure if I can get any more out of Sprint, but I’ll try.

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