This Trip

The title for this post was lifted from a Brittle Stars song. It’s a shame they broke up. They had some really sweet stuff.

So my latest adventure is over. It was lots of fun, I learned a lot, made some new friends, and strengthened a relationship. Meeting her friends Dao and Tim was a highlight. He’s just an excellent fellow and he really cares about my girl. I’ve now met three of her friends and their respective boyfriends/husbands. It’s cool to see that they want us to work out. Talking with them and learning from their experiences has really helped me.

It was fun playing around with my filmic friend. He enjoyed the obvious stuff because…well, that’s just his way. What was really cool was hearing him talk about the street life and night life. He said it’s one of the few cities that reminded him of New York; the streets always have an energy and there’s always something interesting to look at everyone ten minutes or less. It was cool watching him interact with the boys and girls I knew out there. He actually took time to learn a few things about people and that’s always been one of my favorite parts of my travels.

Of course this trip left me with a heavy heart. She took me to the airport again. Those last few hours in the hotel and in the car…just holding each other or holding hands or giving each other nauseatingly sweet kisses…those moments are so treasured yet so difficult. It’s been great learning with her and I can’t wait to be with her again. The time apart is going to be really tough.

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