Die Floyd Die

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is such a little bitch. He whines and brags and is just so galactically delusional. He thinks he’s a legend. That’s pretty damn funny. His skills are undeniably extraorindary, but he’s never fought another world class fighter. He hasn’t tested his skills against other greats the way that Leonard, Hearns, Hagler, De La Hoya, Whitaker, Trinidad, Hopkins, and so many others have in the last two decades. He considers himself in the same league as Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali. From a business standpoint, he thinks he should get the lion’s share of the purse if De La Hoya agrees to fight him. That’s hilarious considering that Mayweather has never done more than 350,000 PPV buys and only had 9,000 people show up for his last fight (many of whom left before it was over). Oscar, on the other hand, has consistently been the top non-heavyweight draw in terms of PPV buys and ticket gates. Just because Floyd has unbelievable skills doesn’t mean he deserves more money. Maybe if he’d stop fake-crying at press conferences, behaving like a thug, and got in touch with reality, he’d get the fights that would make him a true boxing legend. For now, he can go ahead and get hit by one of his dozens of expensive cars. He has tons of money and acts like an @sshole. Go ahead and die Floyd (unless you want to give me $1,000,000 in cash…then you can die after I deposit it).

2 thoughts on “Die Floyd Die

  1. Floyd is a legend. He is the best. He has accomplished a lot. It is not his fault that he is sooo good that he make his opponents look bad. He has fought worthy competition. They just didn’t compare to Floyd. It is very exciting to watch him move and not get hit. All you negative writers are just HATERS of Floyd. This man is young and has worked very hard to get to where he is. Let the positive out weigh the negative. Give the man his props.

  2. Oh please. Floyd is definitely a great talent and a shoe in for the hall of fame, but he’s no legend. Look at all the fighters I mentioned in my original post. They all fought other hall of fame fighters. Who has Mayweather challenged? The three greatest boxers he fought are arguably Chicanito, Corrales, and Castillo. Chicanito was passed his prime. Corrales and Castillo are great fighters to watch, but probably not hall of famers. Until Floyd seriously and honestly challenges other fighters of that caliber, I won’t consider him a legend. You “Pretty Boys” are pretty full of it if you honestly think he’s a legend.

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