Binary Blog (Return from Thailand Edition)!

So I’ve been back for a little over a week. I’ve actually been pretty busy working thanks to Kit. I’m mostly settled in, so I thought it would be a good time for a binary blog, reflesting on my latest adventure in the Land of Smiles.

Good: This was clearly one of the best months of my life. I had such a good time seeing friends and hanging out with a really lovely girl.

Bad: I had the worst work experience in my professional life. The people I had to deal with were disorganized, dishonest, and inconsiderate. They also shafted me on pay by 66 percent. If their office building was bombarded with anthrax-filled envelopes, I’d have to think about clapping.

Good: Learning about and learning with Noot was amazing. There were a few bumps in the road, but it was an incredible trip with far more precious moments than little spats.

Bad: I got way more attached than I wanted to. I went there with the intention of hanging out with her and just having fun. I didn’t think I’d get so involved emotionally. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m sure none of you believed this was possible, knowing that I am the way I am.

Good: I know that I’m fully capable of working over there. Broadband, fax machines, and VOIP make it really easy.

Good: Since I’ve had the worst work experience ever, anything more would be an improvement.

Bad: The publisher will not want to work with me anymore, effectively cutting 50 percent of the strong work possibilities (that I know of) that would let me live out there.

Good: Catching up with friends out there was pretty cool. There are some really excellent people out there and I’d have a good support system.

Bad: One guy I was really close with earlier this year went a little crazy. I really don’t know what to make of it. Some people have been saying that he’s doing all kinds of drugs now and he’s really whacked out. That’s too bad. He’s a good guy and I liked him.

Good: Noot and I communicate really well. Even though she’s not as educated and isn’t as fluent in English as Tuk, we’re just more compatiable. It helps that things just happened naturally. We started out as friends and let things takes us where they took us.

Good: My dad really likes her. She’s charming and speaks some Tagalog (big help). He already told her that he thinks we should get married.

Bad: If things progressed, I’d totally marry her, but really, I can’t even take care of myself right now. How would I be able to take care of someone else?

Good: My skin got better and I lost a little weight while I was out there. The hot weather, spicy food, and lots of walking really helped me feel good.

Bad: My skins already worse and I’ve probably gained weight since I’ve been back.

Bad: I’m not sure I can find a way to live out there for a year. There are lots of work opps for me if I stay in the country. I’d love to live out there more than anything, but I don’t know how realisitc that is.

Good: I’ve never done well with reality and I’m still trying to make it happen. Even if I can’t live out there, maybe I can convince someone to keep me on contract or work eight months out of the year. I still believe I can do it.

Good: I have more fodder for my dreams. I love dreaming and conjuring up awesome possibilities in my head. Life is too ridiculous otherwise. Now I have a person, place, and thing as my heart’s desire.

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