Eep. I was doing so well too!

I got home around 10:00AM. Did some email stuff. Did some eBay stuff. Walked to my mailbox and picked up some packages. It was all going according to plan. I was going to meet up with Rannie, Ben, and Ted at Farley’s around 8:00PM. Unfortunately my bed looked awfull appealing around 4:00PM. Then I woke up at 1:00AM. Oddly enough, that was my normal sleeping schedule if I got drunk with Noot in Thailand.

So I woke up with nothing to do…nothing to work on…and nobody online to talk to. Thankfully Ted came back from drinking with Billy and we chatted for a few minutes.

Then Noot called at 2:48AM and we talked for a bit. That made everything feel so much better.

She’s being quite domestic at her parents’ house. She’s picked up tons of groceries, two kilos of beef (I think that’s a lot), and cleaned the entire house today. Tomorrow she’s going to help farm rice, which she hasn’t done in like seven years. She’s worried about getting too dark, but she knows it’s inevitable. She’s also struggling to adjust to her parents’ sleep schedules. Today she woke up at 6:00AM…which was two hours after her mom woke up.

Overall, she’s really happy–surprisingly so. She loves seeing lots of green again, breathing fresh air, and being with her family. I’m so happy she’s doing well.

She actually made a joke about an incident we had at the airport. There was this large revolving door at the entrance. She’s never seen one before and she was too scared to walk through it. She made us walk through the regular doors. Today she said, “I not superstar like you. I never see before.” I adore her.

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