Two Weeks and Two Days

So I’ve been here for sixteen days now. Most things are going so well. Life with the girl is fantastic and I’m enjoying myself a great deal most of the time. Work has been a little rocky, but it will sort itself out. I experienced my first Thai karaoke session, went to Xzyte (possibly the most uninentionally ghey experience of my life), and my dad popped by to see me and the lady. Each of these events were really fun and went really well. My dad really liked Nuch and started pestering her with marriage questions. She carried herself well the whole time and was so charming.

My friend Kenny leaves for home tomorrow. Andy and Tony already left. That’ll just leave me with my local pals. I’m going to miss have touristy friends around, but I really need catch up with some locals. There’s one in particular that feels snubbed and he’s my regular walking buddy. Last night Nuch started talking about long-term possibilities. It’s the first time she’s mentioned it and I’m really glad she did. I wasn’t sure if there was a future there or not, but I’m happy she’s considering me as keeper material. I guess we’ll see where that goes, hey?

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