One Week Back

So I’m just a few hours shy of my first full week back in my “other” home. It’s been really great so far. I’m having lots of fun with the girl. A few of my friends are in town. I’ve caught up with a few local friends. It’s just been really fun in a much less crazier way than my last trip.

The only downers were two drunken spats with the girly–one was two-way, the other was just her. It was basically the same issue that stems from gender roles and cultural differences. The first fight had her in tears, even though I thought I was doing the right thing. The second fight was a seven-hour cold-war. The latter was interesting because I was totally sober and she was hammered. I was trying to be understanding, but it was a bit annoying. When she woke up she felt terrible about the whole thing.

I’m actually surprised she hasn’t tried to kill me. We’ve spent maybe ten hours apart in the last week. I’d want to kill me at that point. Even though we’ve hit a few bumps, it’s been good. “We have to learn together,” she keeps saying.

My out-of-town friends have been ribbing me about cuddly and kissy we get when we drink together. Yeah, it’s pretty nauseating, but I have so much fun with her and I’m enjoying being wrapped up in the whole thing.

Anyway, here are some photos:




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