Almost There….

The flight to Tokyo was totally painless. I slept for most of it, worked on the book for some of it, and got three more badges in Pokemon Emerald (damn you Peter, for making me play again). So ten hours of fly time down and six more to go, plus a two-hour drive. It sounds like a lot, but I guess I’ve gotten used to it. My Y! Messenger experiments haven’t been as successful in the Narita Red Carpet Club. I can hear people fine, but they can’t hear me so good. I guess the WiFi upstream here isn’t all that. Plus there’s a lot more people online here than in SFO. Still, Y! Messenger’s VOIP-tasticness is pretty impressive.

2 thoughts on “Almost There….

  1. Yeah, totally okay. Thanks for asking! Didn’t touch me in the slightest. Now that I’m two hours away from Bangkok in a tourist area, nobody here gives a shit.

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