Now For My Next Adventure

I’m at the airport. I’d be really excited about my trip, but right now I’m just blown away at how good Y! Messenger is. I’m connected through T-Mobile Hotspot and making phone calls through Y! Messenger. The quality is fantastic–way, way better than I was expecting. I made a bunch of calls to the publisher and things for the book are coming along nicely. It’s pretty funny; there are so many people involved that my deadline keeps getting pushed, even though I can finish pretty much any time now. In a way, it’s good to have work while I’m in Thailand. I need to see if I can live there AND work there AND live with someone AND not make them crazy AND have them not make me crazy. This will be a nice barometer or litmus test (your choice).

But yes! I’m going to the place that’s felt like home most of the year. I’m really excited and a little nervous. There are lots of uncomfortable social situations and even more potential drama waiting for me. Hopefully I can avoid all that and just enjoy the many things I love about home.


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