Tres Grrrrrrr

So I was supposed to get this really important disc for the book I’m working on. Considering that manuscript is due on Monday, I thought the powers that be (old wrestling reference for Justin) would do their best to get it to me ASAP. So a contact at the powers that be tried to find the files on an FTP site so he could burn me a disc. It turns out that he got an email on Tuesday from another company involved with the book saying that their uncomfortable putting this content up and I need to fly up to see what I need to see. Yeah, problem is, I’m leaving the country on Monday. See, this is what happens when I have to officially ask one company to ask another company for something. I could get what I need in a day, but I have to go through all the official channels. People get busy and/or forgetful and we end up with situations like this. No wonder I haven’t worked for a large company in almost a decade. It’s just annoying and frustrating.

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