I guess my problem isn’t really with the TSA, it’s with how complacent people are about the whole liquids/gels thing. This is a country of peoplethat whine about and sue over everything, but it’s politcally correct not to make a fuss about this because of some ass war the country is in. Banning styling gel or saline solution or a bottle of water from airplanes isn’t helping anyone and it’s inconveniencing everyone that takes commercial flights.

On a cheery note, Eric Young said something that totally cracked me up. “Don’t answer that! Plead the fifth commandment!!!” That’s just awesome.

One thought on “Addendum

  1. At least you can now bring up to 4 ounces of contact lens solution on the plane with you. You can also, strangely, bring that much KY jelly. ::shrug::

    I laughed at the Eric Young comment, too. He’s good stuff.

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