Airports are Stupider

I almost forgot how ridiculous the TSA has made American airports. Since coming back from Thailand, I’ve only had that quickie flight to Seattle. I was a good boy and checked in my carry-on sized luggage. Still, I wasn’t going to pull a MacGyver and blow up the airplane with an ornate concoction of toothpaste and styling gel. There have been several articles (I’m too lazy to look for one now) that have shown that creating an explosive device on an airplane from household products is virtually impossible because of a lack of cooling.

The liquid rule is more retarded. I can’t bring a bottle of water into the airport. Fine. No problem. But I can’t bring the bottle of water I purchased at the airport onto the plane?!? How the hell does that make sense? The water was inspected going into whatever stand was selling it, but by some miracle of science I purchased it, altered it, and transformed into a lethal substance before going on the plane?!? C’mon!!! Richard Dean Anderson was never capable of that. What the hell could I do?

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