Thanks to slickdeals, my shoe collection has grown. Hmmmm, time for a side note.

[Side Note: I haven’t really been buying shoes like I used to. Last year I think I only bought four or five pairs. I think this goes back to Tokyo Game Show 2004 when B.B dared me not to buy shoes the entire trip. I think her psychological warfare took its toll and the not-buying-tons-of-shoes thing died for me that year. Well played, my nemesis.]

So yeah! Amazon had all these Tsubos on sale with an additional $20 off of $80. Slickdeals had a coupon for an additional $20 off. So I ended up with four pairs of Tsubos for a little over $100. Sweet!!! If you haven’t tried Tsubos, I highly recommend them. Tsubos are cool and comfy. They’re my second favoritest shoes next to Campers.

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