Gah!!! (I think I used this title already)

I watched the James Toney vs. Samuel Peter fight tonight. It was such a crap decision. I thought Toney won, but it was a close fight. There’s no way Peter won 116-111 (that’s with a point deduction for fouling). So either Don King worked his magic and got his fighter (actually, the fighter he wants to steal) the decision or boxing judges are really stupid. In a way, I hope it’s the former. Toney–in all his overweight glory–did such a marvelous job slipping punches and rolling his shoulders (though the shoulder rolls weren’t nearly as frequent or effective as when he was lighter) that it would be a shame if judges dismissed that. The commentators appreciated it. The fans on many message boards loved it. It would be such a pity if one of the most subtle and difficult-to-master skills is lost on the people that decide which boxers win and lose. There are some really crappy judges out there, so it might be the case. Bummer.

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