It’s interesting to see how different people in the videogame business treat different people in media. I’ve gotten to see it first hand now that I’ve worked in four distinct areas. Online writers are still treated the worst. Print people are afforded significantly more respect. Video people seem like they’re given more respect, but are looked down upon as not really knowing the business. And lastly, book writers are treated better than any of them but are really thought of as not knowing their stuff. It’s funny how many people that are essentially doing the same thing are treated better or worse because their words appear on actual paper or someone is pointing a camera at them.

The book thing has been an interesting experience. Lots of people I’ve chatted with for the book automatically assumed that I was a mainstream writer of some sorts. For whatever reason, some people have it in their heads that enthusiast game writers are incapable of writing a book. One guy went as far as to take time to explain what a reticle and a HUD were. I snickered internally, but toyed with the idea of saying, “Dude, I’ve been playing games most of my life and have been writing about them for ten years. I know what a f*cking reticle is.”

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